Tips to consider while purchasing books for UPSC

What is that one field of service which every middle class Indian wants to achieve? It is to be the proud beholder of a government job. Government job brings security in a household and security brings happiness in a regular middle class Indian family- not to forget that more than 50% of the 1 billion population of India is middle class. There are many ways to secure that position in a society with the most common one being a UPSC candidate.

Union Public Service Commission – popularly known as UPSC is India’s central recruiting agency, which is responsible for the All India Services examinations and appointments. Established during 1926 as a Public Service Commission, it is today government’s number 1 service providing platform. Every year more than 50,000 citizens apply for the UPSC exams and only few hundred are selected and are appointed as the government officers and employs.

While Federal Public Service Commission provides you with the fair amount of respect and stability in your career, cracking UPSC exams is not an easy task. There are many books available online to help you with the process of preparing for this competitive examination. Some of such books are NCERT Book set for UPSC exam, General Studies paper for Civil Service Preliminary Exams, etc.

Tips to consider while purchasing UPSC books

UPSC exams are considered to be one of the most difficult competitive examinations in the world. One should keep many things in mind before purchasing the books to prepare to be a UPSC Candidate. Some of the major tips are:

1. Decide which exam one wants to sit for before buying the book
The Union Public Service Commission conducts several examinations annually all over India for several posts like Civil service, Defence Services, secretarial posts, etc. Before opting to choose for books, one should have a clear idea about which exam they wish to prepare for. There are books available for
– Civil Service Examination
– Engineer Service Examination
– Combined Medical Service Examination
– National Defence Academy Examinations
– Naval Academy
– Indian Forest Service
– Indian Economic Service
– Central Armed Police Forces, and many more

2. Choose Books according to examination for recruitment stages
One needs to understand as a UPSC candidate that there are several stages of examination and interviews before the final recruitment. The process for the recruitment are- preliminary examination, main examinations and several stages of interviews.
There are many books available in the market as well as online which prepares you separately for each of these stages. For example General Studies paper I for Civil Service Preliminary Exams is specially conducted for your help to clear the preliminary stage, while General Studies paper II for Civil Service Main Exams is conducted for the preparation of main exam. Similarly you will find several books which would prepare you for the different stages of UPSC.

3. Keep upto date with the recent publications
Public service examination is held every year with different syllabus and same format. While purchasing the UPSC books, one should always remember to buy the books which are recently published as they are more upto date about the syllabus and format about the exam.
The current publication would give you more insight about the exams which are held until recent years and help you with the preparations. For example- the candidates, who are going to sit for the UPSC in 2018, should opt for the books which were published in late 2017 or early 2018.

4. Start with your NCERT books
Most of the UPSC prep books are published by the central board of education, which means that the initial books one needs to buy for preliminary stages of UPSC preparations are NCERT books. Starting from NCERT school books would clear the basics and strengthen your basis.
NCERT books are easily available in online stores and they help you to have a firm idea about our country. These books are especially important for the candidates who are preparing for the UPSC from science or commerce background.

5. Have firm idea about Indian history
History is one of the main subjects to clear while sting for UPSC. Public Service Commission presses on having a clear and concrete idea about Indian political, social and economic history to the candidates.
There are several history books available in the market which helps you to prepare for the UPSC like Indian History: For Civil Service Examination, Indian Economy, Complete history of India by NCERT, Understanding the Political Theories of Indian History for UPSC Preliminary and Mains, etc.

10 Best UPSC Preparation Books for Prelims and Mains Exam are:

• Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania (Rs 235)

• India’s Struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra (Rs 192)

• Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh (Rs 429)

• Environment by Shankar IAS (Rs 375)

• Economic Survey 2016-2017 by Ministry of Finance Government of India (Rs 380)

• General Studies paper for Civil Service Preliminary Exams by Thorpe Edgar (Rs 635)

• Complete Study Material for IAS Prelims and Mains by Disha (Rs 2,899)

• NCERT Books Sets for UPSC by NCERT (Rs 3,749)

• General Studies 2018 for UPSC by B. Singh (Rs 560)

• UPSC Mains General Studies Book Set by Arihant (Rs 1,166)

Where to buy these books
Books for the preparation of UPSC are easily available at any book stores. You can also buy them online on various website stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. to fetch some discount with the help of several online book coupons like 20% off which are available online.

How to order UPSC books
Follow these few very simple steps to order the UPSC books online:
– Go to your preferred website like Amazon or Flipkart
– Type the name of the book you wish to buy in the search bar
– List of books related to the topic would pop up
– Select the one that you think is preferable for your preparation
– Choose the publication and the year carefully
– Select the book and add it to your basket
– Enter your personal details like name, address ,number
– Proceed with your payment option
– Click on ‘Buy now’
– Place the order

Preparing for UPSC is a tough deal and what better help it would be for a candidate than buying a perfect book. While preparing for UPSC, choosing the right study material can emerge as a game changer for the candidate. So, the collected tips and books mentioned in this article would not only help you to purchase the correct book to study for UPSC but will also guide you in the process and journey of clearing The prelims and mains exam.

Author: Raghav Pandey

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