7 Study Tips For Working Professionals

When the paychecks start coming, the thought of career development starts becoming hazy. At that very moment, living for the now seems very acceptable. But sooner or later, thoughts of career development will start entering into your brain. You’ll want promotions, you’ll want to change fields or you’ll basically want to find any other work apart from current job. Eventually, you will realize that completing your professional certifications or heading back to a college/business school to get a degree can give a significant boost to your career.

However, getting into a studying groove after a couple of years of working can be hard. But, with already so much on the plate the idea of studying while working is not pleasing to many. No doubt, it is very difficult to juggle between jobs and studies but is not impossible. Trying to help you onto your journey to get the desired degree or certification, which can give a kick start to your career, we have come up with some time hacks.

Study Tips for Working Professionals

Split Your Learning Into Short Breaks


Soon after you receive your study material; split your syllabus into sections according to the available time. Take into consideration the most important topics. Whenever you get short breaks, go through the important topics. Keep a note of whatever you read so that when you continue it, you can remember what was the last thing you read. When you break the learning into small chunks, it becomes easier to grasp and also learning small section on daily basis will give you a feeling of accomplishment. Fix a time for test to keep a check on whatever is being covered.

Utilise Your Commute

Nowadays, most of us dump a good duration of time in travelling on and off to the office. Utilise this opportunity to get some learning done. Those who drive their way to office, plump onto an alternative like an audio copy of your study material. You can also convert your digital study material like word documents or PDFs into audio files. Take a section which can be covered in your commuting and revise it later by reading. Alternatively, if you use public transport, you may want to opt for an online coaching course and use your smartphone to prepare for the exams.

Sneak A Little Studying In

Make some handy notes and review them when you are free. Try to keep the review material with you at all times. While working, you will be having an ample amount of breathers to give the study material a sneak peek. Bear in your mind, the more time you put into , the less duration of time you will have to put into studying post work. Refreshing your brain with short study snippets can be very beneficial to your performance.


organizeYou will feel be surprised when you would realise that how many errands throughout the day one has which can be perfect for multi-tasking. The only thing you have to be careful is about the quality of studying. Don’t multi-task just only for the sake of doing, but put an intentional effort in order to receive an outcome.

Sacrifice A Few Things

You will have to sacrifice something on the altar of something. Skipping an hour or so of television daily will add on to your time of studying. Instead of chopping off the time for family or socializing, sacrifice the time you waste on social networking (admit it, you could save a lot of time if you were not addicted to Facebook & Twitter)

Weekly Brush Ups

Don’t just cram concepts into your brain and keep going. Take out a day in the week to brush up on the material that you have studied. This will help you keep a track of learning and also will keep you on track.

Plan Your Day Ahead

Make a plan and schedule accordingly. This will give you an option to cram even when you have limited time and multiple responsibilities.

We hope our tips help you in your CAT or SBI PO exam preparation. If you feel we missed any important study tips for working professionals, let us know in the comments.


Author: Divya Sharma

A writer by choice and a photographer by instinct, trying to fuel the youth to explore ideas and discover a better future.

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