Byju’s App: Revolutionizing Education

With the increase in competition in the field of education today, candidates have bound themselves to all work and no play. It is true that candidates should focus on education and their career growth but with the absence of extra-curricular activities, there is no personal growth. Due to pressure in this competitive world, students are time-bound with all the tuitions and coaching centers that they attend after their school hours. Hence, Byju’s provide students with the ability to have Game Time along with efficient Learning Time, this has obtained thousands of positive Byjus App review since its launch in the Google play store.

Let us look at a few features that Byju’s- The Learning App provides:

Video Learning rather than Textbook Learning: With the help of this feature provided by the app, the students are able to learn complicated topics in a shorter span of time. When a concept is watched through a video just like a watching a movie, it helps the brain to retain the concept for a longer span of time when compared to reading it from a book. Textbook Learning is important to help in having a complete understanding of the concept in a structured format. Also, video learning helps the students to grasp the correct idea of the concept through the video explained rather than the student assuming an imagination of the concept which was understood from the textbook. This feature helps the students to gain more time on their hands allowing them to get involved in various other extra-curricular activities.
Improved Personalized Education with Adaptive Learning: The application provides the students to learn at their own pace. Often, students lose their interest in coaching centers due to the pace that mismatches their pace of understanding complicated concepts like calculus, relativity, organic chemistry, etc. Hence, the Byju’s App provides personalized learning in which the candidate is tested after every concept to make sure that the concept is understood clearly, helping the student to build a strong foundation.
Educational Games: Bringing the field of games into education, the application consists of a feature called “Quizzo” which allows the students to challenge their friends or anyone around the world in a quiz game to test their understanding of the concepts learnt. This also sets a score and rank for the student to show where he stands in this competitive world, helping to develop a competitive spirit even in the field of education through games.

Here we have seen few of the features provided in the application that helps the students to have time for other activities as well as rank high and stay on top in the field of education. Changing the way millions think and making millions fall in love with learning.

Author: Raghav Pandey

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