Top 10 CAT Coaching Institutes in Chandigarh

To crack the CAT entrance examination, students need an institute that helps them devise a productive prepping plan. Such an institute should be focused on offering excellent learning experience, best possible study material and answering queries with efficiency. In fact there are many who claim to offer the best faculty and facilities for their students to clear the examination with flying colours. But only a few emerge as eligible for students to opt for. Thereby, we’ve shortlisted the 10 best CAT coaching institutes in Chandigarh on the basis of their performance in terms of study material and known faculty members.

Top 10 CAT Coaching Institutes in Chandigarh


Training students for national and state-level entrance examinations, Triumphant Institute of Management Education Private Limited was established in 1992 at Hyderabad. This highly acknowledged institute operates from 236 offices in 112 towns and cities.

Branches: Sector 8-C, Sector 36-D, Zirakpur

Students with 100 percentile: 10

Career Launcher

Established 18 years ago, Career Launcher is a known brand name in the coaching industry. Lead by a team of IIT and IIM alumni, CL Educate Ltd focuses on helping their students achieve their desired goals.

Branches: Sector 8-C, Sector 35-C

Students with 100 percentile: 7

Students with 99 percentile: 10

Bulls Eye


Bulls Eye was established in Pune in 1996 with an aim to deliver successful results through their quality training and study material. With more than 17 years of experience in the coaching industry, they have grown to be one of the best Test Prep leaders in India.

Branches: Sector 44-C, Sector 8-C

Total Students Qualified in CAT 2014


Students with 100 percentile: 1


PT established in 1993 with a desire to help students excel in competitive exams. The institute offers coaching for competitive exams like MBA, MCA, GRE/GMAT, personality development programs and much more.

Branches: Sector 32-D

Students with 100 percentile: 17

Edu Corp

Edu Corp Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. Understand that learning important tools for aptitude testing can help students crack many entrance level exams like CAT, GMAT and CSAT. The institute believes in combining knowledge with personality development to help students excel in their exam.

Branches: Sector 35-C

Students with 100 Percentile: Unknown

Pace Setter

A prominent enterprise of A.K. Vidyamandir, Pace Setter believes in imparting quality knowledge to their students and helps them prepare for B-school entrance examinations. Within a span of 2 years, the institute was able to establish its name among the leading names of coaching industry.

Branches: Sector 34-A

Students with 100 Percentile: Unknown


Excelsior may not be a veteran coaching institute, yet its quality of services in terms of teaching faculty and course material has helped it gain popularity among CAT aspirants.

Branches: Sector 17-D

Students with 100 percentile: Unknown

Disha Academy

Over the years of its operation, Disha Academy has presented itself as one stop solution for an individual’s CAT Prepping needs.

Branches: Sector 27

Students with 100 Percentile: Unknown

Akon Academy

A renowned name in the field of coaching centres, Akon Academy is equipped with experienced and highly qualified faculty. The coaching centre is adamant on imparting their students with knowledge that helps them crack their CAT entrance exams.

Branches: Sector 46-C

Students with 100 Percentile: Unknown

Aim Achiever

Aim Achiever is a pioneer name when it comes to helping students to achieve their desired course of action. The centre is equipped with an experienced faculty that guides students through their CAT preparation.

Branches: Sector 34-A

Students with 100 Percentile: Unknown

If we have missed out on any institutes in Chandigarh, then you can comment and let us know. We hope that our guide can help you make an affirmative decision while searching for the best CAT coaching institute in Chandigarh.

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Author: Riddhima Mathur

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