Are NCERT books sufficient to crack JEE Main?

JEE MAIN (previously known as AIEEE) is one of the well-known competitive exam, which was conducted by Central board of secondary education till 2018. From 2019 onwards, it will be conducted by NTA (National testing Agency). The exam is the pathway for admission in various engineering institutes including NITs, IIITs and other known engineering colleges.

Every year a good number, more than a million aspirants appear for the exam, out of which 2,24,000 students qualify the exam by clearing the cut off criteria (which is at least 75% marks or in the top 20 percentile in 12th standard and with the help of JEE Main Merit List).

The exam paper is of 3 hours duration and consists of three sections including Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Each section consists of 30 questions and every question awards 4 marks for a right answer. There is a negative marking also, i.e ‘-1’ for every incorrect answer marked.

JEE Mains exam is focused on basic concepts that are being taught in 11th and 12th standard and it expects aspirant to apply those concepts to solve numerical/theoretical based questions. The paper consists of some questions that are directly or indirectly linked with some statements stated in NCERT books. The questions are manipulated to check basic understanding of theorems, principles and their applications. The syllabus of JEE MAIN includes all the topics mentioned in NCERT books and the questions are framed from those topics.

A heap of 90 questions in around 180 minutes is not a very easy go task. One need to read the question, understand it and then apply the related concept to get the answer within 2 minute time interval, which is challenging. The target is to be precise, fast and efficient to meet the desired score.

If any aspirant is through with all the concepts (principles, theorems and their application), he/she should practice mock tests released by CBSE or NTA to check their understanding and how much they can score.

Any aspirant should make sure that he/she keeps all formulas, equations and principles from NCERT books, in mind so that they can be quick in questions based on them. NCERT also features some miscellaneous exercises which can be good for practice for JEE MAIN.
A proper analysis can be done for each individual subject-

For Chemistry– Most of the equations and chemical reactions are asked from NCERT books. The questions are manipulated and framed from some basic statements mentioned in the books. It is highly advised to read every line very carefully. NCERT may get you good marks but you won’t get enough problems for practice in NCERT books. For that you need to look for some other books that we have mentioned in one of our articles ( Best book to prepare for IIT JEE).

For Physics– NCERT physics book will make you learn some basic concepts only, whereas JEE MAIN is more focused on practical applications and problems based on concepts that require a very good understanding. NCERT books won’t be enough to score good marks and you need other books that can help you practice more of numerical and multiple choice problems. Also some of the experiments aren’t listed on NCERT books, which are a part of syllabus in JEE MAIN( they are being taught in practical in 12th standard). You must consider other books along with NCERT to get through the physics section of JEE MAIN.

For Mathematics– Mathematics is a subject that gets better with practice. NCERT Mathematics book is based on problems that stick to basics of any concept. JEE MAIN highly focuses on tricks and manipulation of problems involving Geometry, Algebra, Calculus as well as Trigonometry. NCERT books focuses on solving a problem step by step considering longer approach which is not advised for an exam like JEE MAIN, where your focus is to be fast and precise. NCERT Mathematics books won’t be able to meet up your requirements for JEE MAIN and you must consider other books that have more and better problems.

NCERT books are somewhat sufficient, if you are dealing with Chemistry. On the other hand for numerical and practical subjects like Mathematics and Physics, you should focus on other books along with it.
Just make sure you have practiced enough of questions, learnt all the concepts and know how to apply the principles and theorems mentioned in the books.

If you are through with NCERT books, you can start practicing mock test, and taking problems from other books. You can also take previous year’s papers to get a better understanding of what JEE MAIN asks for. To increase your speed of solving, you can practice more and more as it will also improve your efficiency and will give you an idea of how you should approach any problem.

NCERT books are for you to learn basic concepts, while JEE MAIN is more focused on numerical and application of those concepts. For practice and better understanding of questions, you must consider other books along with it.

“Keep NCERT as your reference book but don’t consider it as sufficient”

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Author: Raghav Pandey

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