5 Benefits of Previous Year Question Papers for Class 10 Board Exam

CBSE class 10th board exams are believed to be one of the toughest due to the vast syllabus that students need to study. So, if you are going to appear for the board exams then you must be under a lot of stress. You can reduce the exam stress and get confident about your exam preparation by solving previous year question papers. Moreover, they can prove to be one of the best ways to prepare for the class 10th board exams.

Previous year papers can greatly help you in your exam preparation while giving you a thorough idea about the exam pattern. Also, by solving question papers of the previous year, you get to revise the majority of your class 10 syllabus in quick time without making much effort. Given below are 5 benefits that you can experience by practicing previous year board papers for your CBSE Class 10 exam preparation.

Time Management

The CBSE Class 10 board exams are meant to be completed in a stipulated time of 3 hours. This can prove to be quite a difficult task if you are not able to manage your time properly during the exam. So, it gets extremely important to learn and manage the time for attempting a maximum number of questions while appearing for the board exam. Therefore, to learn time management, you can practice previous year question papers for subjects like Geography and History.

By solving board question papers of the previous year, you will be able to determine drawbacks in your preparation and work on them as time progresses. With enough practice, it will get easier for you to solve the questions and sail through the paper on the day of the exam.

Speed and Accuracy

As you practice and solve a good number of previous year question papers, you can improve your question-solving speed in the process. Also, through regular practice, you will identify your mistakes and it will get easier for you to answer the questions correctly. Further, when you cover repetitive topics and questions in previous years papers, you will find it easier to solve such type of questions in the board exam. Hence, you will be able to complete your paper on time and you may also save some time for revision and correcting the wrong attempts.

Gives Idea About the Marking Scheme

If you are going to appear for the class 10 board exam, then it is important that you get a proper idea about the marking scheme to be followed in the exam. This can be done by practicing previous year papers of class 10 for different subjects. Knowing the marking scheme will help you prepare for the exam accordingly. Moreover, it will help you focus more on topics that carry more weightage compared to others. So, this would definitely help you enhance the level of your board exam preparation and score excellent marks in the exam.

Helps Overcome the Exam Fear

Students who are going to appear for the class 10 board exam has never faced the situation before. So, it is obvious to have fears associated with the exam irrespective of completing the preparation on time. It is at this time, previous year question papers of class 10 can come handy as they can help you become aware of the board exam pattern. By practicing previous year papers for class 10 subjects like Science and Maths, you can get a thorough idea about the type of questions asked in the exam.

Also, many a time, students find it difficult to convert their exam preparation into performance owing to exam pressure. However, to avoid this situation on the day of the exam, it is advised to practice previous year question paper. By solving class 10 board question paper of the previous year, you will get more relaxed and will be able to appear for the exam more confidently.

Helps You Analyze your Board Exam Preparation

CBSE Class 10 previous year question papers comprise of all the questions that were asked in the CBSE board exam of the last few years. So, when you prepare for the exam with previous year papers, you come across with questions that have been asked repeatedly in the exam in the last few years. This way you can prepare effectively for the frequently asked topics and questions carrying higher weightage. Moreover, you can first solve the questions from previous year board papers and then check for their solutions online. By doing so, you will be able to identify your mistakes, analyze your exam preparation and focus on improving the quality of your board exam preparation.

Final Words

As the saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect” and with previous year papers, you can make this a reality. By regularly practicing CBSE class 10 previous year papers, you can greatly increase the possibility of attempting questions correctly while eliminating the mistakes. Also, with thorough practice, you can approach the exams confidently and score good marks.

Author: Raghav Pandey

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