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Planning on going on an international MBA journey? Then you must start preparing for your GMAT which will take you to internships and MBA jobs you wish for.

To clear your GMAT, there is absolutely no substitute to study in real, putting up your best and practice, practice and practice! Here is a list of top books for GMAT preparation which will definitely help you.

Manhattan GMAT Set of 8 Strategy Guides, Fourth Edition (by Manhattan GMAT)

The set of these 8 strategy guides is developed by Manhattan GMAT’s high-caliber and well-experienced instructors. These 8 guides offer students in-depth instruction in the test’s principal content areas.

The 8 guides include 5 Quantitative and 3 Verbal guides. The 5 Quantitative Strategy Guides provide extensive instruction in the test’s principal quantitative content areas. In-depth instruction in the test’s principal verbal content areas is provided in the 3 Verbal Strategy Guides.

The content of this set is in accordance with the latest Official Guides from GMAC (12th edition). If purchased, this set also includes one year of access to Manhattan GMAT’s question banks and online practice exams.


The PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible 2015th Edition (by David M. Killoran)

The PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible will teach you how to recognize GMAT question types, break down GMAT argumentation and separate correct answers from incorrect. The book will help you improve accuracy in answering questions. It will also help you in improving test-taking speed.

The Critical Reasoning Bible consists of an exclusive website which has additional material, including suggested study plans. It also includes answers to frequently asked student questions for clearing students’ queries.

The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2016 (by GMAC)

Developed by GMAC who are the official creators of the GMAT, the Official Guide for GMAT Review 2016 is the best book to go for GMAT preparation. The version of this book exclusively features the toughest and the most realistic questions ever published by GMAC in the test.


The guide consists of an overview of the test and a diagnostic review. It also provides an online question bank with over 800 real GMAT questions which are customizable. Also, the current edition of the guide contains an online for tool the Integrated Reasoning Section of the test which has additional practice questions.

Kaplan GMAT Premier 2016 with 6 Practice Tests (by Kaplan)

Kaplan’s GMAT Premier 2016 provides an extensive introduction to the GMAT.It helps you understand the basic mechanisms and the structure of the test. The book also provides an overview of basic principles. The book consists of numerous strategies, tips and techniques for solving different types of questions.


Also, this GMAT test-prep book provides solid coverage for the concerned sections of the test. The book includes 6 full-length practice GMAT tests. 5 are online tests, which are computer adaptive and 1 is on paper in the book. The book offers over 1,300 practice questions with explanations, an online quiz bank, DVD video lessons ,a digital version of the book.

The book is excellent for laying the foundation of your GMAT preparation.


The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2016 with Online Question Bank and Exclusive Video 15th Edition (by GMAC)

The Official Guide for the GMAT Review 2016 has 25% brand new content the previous. The book consists a set of over 900 retired questions from the official test with complete explanations for answers. It also has an exam having hundred-question diagnostic which helps you keep a track of your progress.

Like others, this book also offers online resources for studying. The book offers exclusive access to videos with insight and tips on GMAT preparation from previous test-takers and from the officials who create the test.

Think we missed out on some books for GMAT exam preparation? Surely let us know through comments

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