“Mostly, you need to cut off socially” – IIT JEE topper shares his secret to success

Sarvesh Mehtani, the topper of JEE Advanced 2017, managed to seize attention of the entire nation with his talent and level of hard work. With a prestigious rank of 55 in first phase of Joint Entrance Exam, he performed a splendid job and made his parents extremely proud.

According to resources, Sarvesh Mehtani has decided to proceed with Computer Science Engineering from IIT Bombay. He has always been a talented student who secured an excellent percentage of 95.4% in the 12th standard examination.

It is a fact that every topper adopts a unique style of preparation which she considers being their gateway towards success. Let’s look into the success mantra shared by Sarvesh.

What Unique Preparation Scheme did Sarvesh Adopt?

Sarvesh Mehtani traversed through some difficult path before tasting the cream of success. According to resources, this topper boy from Panchkula had gone into complete isolation from social circles to ensure that there is no dearth of his concentration and focus towards his studies.

Sarvesh believed in the fact that it is not possible for a human being to know everything. They always possess information in fragments and one should collect those fragments of information from the various people surrounding their life to gain an essence of knowledge.

Now the question arises, is it possible to stay out of the reach of social media in this era? The question is a valid one considering the impact of social media and electronic gadgets in this era. With context to this question, Sarvesh Mehtani shared his tough journey of avoiding and giving up his smart-phone for the entire duration of his preparation. He also considers that a complete cut up with the social media platforms as one of his success schemes.
Is it necessary to stay away from the social media to perform well in the entrance examinations? Sarvesh Mehtani himself reveals that there are candidates who can balance the impact of social media along with their studies and there is no harm in continuing with the same. But he believes that it was not possible for him that is why he decided to stay away from such distractions. This is the reason why Sarvesh had to completely stay away from social media for an entire duration of 2 years to focus on his JEE preparations.

How was Sarvesh’s life without social media?

In this era, social media constitutes an important part of every teenager’s life. So, it was indeed difficult for Sarvesh to sustain without social media for 2 years. This is why he adopted several other techniques to ensure an effective stress relief. Every student experiences an urge to procrastinate which in the long-run affect their academics, it is the duty of every student to get rid of that moment to focus on their goals and dreams.

In such moments, Sarvesh used to recall his dedicated life goals and this strategy always managed to help him to revive back his momentarily distracted soul. The topper boy also shared that he used to go to morning walks with his parents in order to seek relief from the examination stress. Apart from this, TV cartoons as well as soothing music used to act as his other agents of stress release. This reveals that life is not at all monotonous without social media engagement, one needs to figure out ways to keep them engaged in effective work.

This is a fact that one needs to focus entirely on the academics’ section to excel in such national level examinations. Sarvesh Mehtani used to devote a regular span of six hours for his studies, apart from this, he regularly used to attend his school and his respective coaching center. Considering the weekends, Sarvesh used to increase his hours of study. The major advantage of creating a routine is to infuse a habit of regular studying and it is easier to adjust to the academic pressure in that way.

Sarvesh also stated that he used to communicate with his friends over the telephone instead of meeting them in person. It was not easy for him to give up his smart-phone and cut-off socially but he succeeded in doing that. It is surprising to know that a topper like Sarvesh got first attracted towards Engineering through the famous movie 3 Idiots in which he was deeply inspired by the character portrayed by Aamir Khan. Apart from this, he considers Mr. N R Narayana Murthy, the co-founder of Infosys as his primary inspiration. It is evident that Sarvesh utilized all of his resources in the perfect manner possible, the way in which he organized his days of preparation helped him to trace his way towards his success.

Author: Raghav Pandey

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