Importance of Mock Tests for CAT Preparation

Considered as one of the biggest challenge for the MBA aspirants, the Common Admission Test (CAT) is conducted by one of the prestigious institutes across the country on a yearly basis. CAT is considered as the ticket to enter one of the six IIMs in the nation as the admission to the aspiring management students are done on the basis of CAT scores. CAT scores are also acknowledged by nearby 102 management institutes across the whole nation. Cracking the Common Admission Test with a good percentile is the biggest dream for any of the MBA aspirant. There are a several number of students who start their preparation for CAT exam months before the date of the exam, but many of them are unaware of the importance of practicing mock tests. What are the advantages of mock tests for CAT preparation?

4 Benefits of Mock Tests for CAT Preparation

Fixed Time(Working on the Clock)


By practising mock tests, the student will develop a habit of investing a fixed duration of time for a single question. The students will get the points where he/she is weak and the questions which he can crack quickly. While taking on the mock test, in case the student fails to solve any particular question, then he/she can simply move on to the next level skipping the current problem without wasting much of the time which ultimately will be a help in the real-time show. After adopting this habit, the aspirant will develop a serious attitude and preparedness towards the test. And also, while taking the exam, the aspirant would leave difficult topics for the end so that he can preferably attempt the stronger areas.

SWOT Yourself


Practicing the mock tests will give an idea of the weaker areas to the students and also the stronger areas. It is a good opportunity to improve the problem solving skills and the approach towards the exam. More practice of the mock tests helps in solving the questions and also managing the time.

Handling Ignorance


By taking mock tests, students realise the importance of the stimulated time available during the exam. Mock test will give an idea of discarding a question when it is taking beyond the desired time. This way students learn to tackle ignorance and the common sense required by every aspirant aspirant seeking a seat in MBA. There are times when one faces tension during exam due to getting stuck on a particular question. The practice of mock tests will save you from such a condition.

Self Assessment


Once you start testing yourself with the help of mock exams, you can easily see where you stand in terms of your preparation for CAT. The topics in which you are lagging behind will become crystal clear. Many a times, an aspirant believes that the CAT preparation is going well, but the results the mock tests will give you the correct answers.

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