CAT 2017: 10 Tips to ace Logical Reasoning

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is the rational gateway for any MBA aspirant looking for a future in the management sector. Started in the 1950’s, conducted and controlled by the Indian institute of management to place candidates who are interested in the field for various business administration programmes countrywide. For a secure future with a business administration program, it is vital to get into a renowned college with the right program. For this to happen, the candidate should perform well for the CAT Exam, which is hindered by questions from different sections. One of them being, the logical reasoning section. The logical reasoning section is considered by many as the hardest. Hence it is vital to have a few tricks up your sleeve if you intend to outshine the competition. Let us see how we can prepare ourselves to ace the logical reasoning section.

● Understanding the question properly is vital. Read the question once noting down important points and create a visual image of the question. This will help you to map out alternatives and accordingly arrange an approach plan to the problem. Now go through the question once more and proceed accordingly.

● Try out the options given with the question accordingly testing which option is a suitable option. This will help you to cross out a few options and narrowing down possible right answers.

● Never assume any information, CAT’s logical reasoning section is a way of testing how much you can grasp from what is given to you rather than in depth knowledge in the subject. If the question is unclear it is best to come back to it later on than to make a hasty decision and be negatively marked for it.

● Read the sentence completion instructions and factual passage completely before proceeding to avoid negligence errors.

● Pay attention to specific words like ‘only’, ’unless’, ‘neither’ which will swing the complete meaning of the statement in a different direction leading to some confusion while answering it. So make sure you go through the statements multiple times and thoroughly.

● Give attention to negative prefixes like non-, un- or dis- as they usually specify some specifying fact about the paragraph.

● Be cautious of ‘all’ and ‘none’ as options, as they appear in both right and wrong response choices.

● Questions of varied difficulty are mixed together so be wary of the time you spend on each question. If you find a question to be difficult and see yourself wasting too much time on it, move to the next question keeping the harder one in mind and arrange time to get back to it.

Listed above are a few of the tips to help you ace the logical reasoning section of the common admission test. Wherein performing well will get you into a business administration programme which will help you to grab a well paid and reputed job. If you require any assistance in preparing for you CAT exam, gk questions and more check out our Youtube channel-

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