India’s Toughest Exams- What are the Odds?

Statistically, are the odds of getting hit by lightning better than clearing the CSE for an IAS career? Read on to find out!

IIT, IIM, AIIMS and UPSC Admission Ratio

So what are the odds of making it past these mammoth exams?

IIMs Admission Ratio- 1 in 50
IITs Admissions Ratio- 1 in 118
AIPMT Selection Ratio- 1 in 243
AIIMS New Delhi Selection Ratio- 1 in 1250
CSE Selection Ratio- 1 in 3333

And our 3 key takeways
1. Eternal respect to all IAS applicants
2. The rest of us non IAS applicants- at least somebody has it worse than us
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  1. wow, that’s kinda insane. India education is such a joke sometimes.

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  2. if you can’t take the heat, don’t compete in such exams. you’re always free to study BA/Bcom.

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  3. WOW <3

    few edits –

    ☼ There are currenly 9866 seats in 17 IITs ( Including ISM Dhanbad)
    ☼ There are currently 3085 seats in AIPMT under all India quota ( acc. to CBSE-AIPMT prospectus)
    ☼ There are only 72 seats in AIIMS Delhi ( the extra 1 is for NRI )

    few suggestions –

    ☼ If you mentioned AIIMS " DELHI " only ( and didn't include new AIIMS),then you should have mentioned only IIT-B, IIT-D, IIT-K , IIT-M and IIT-Kh . ( why did you include the new IITs? )

    ☼ The number of vacancies in IAS every year ranges from 90-150 .On an average, you can say 100. ( so you should mention 100 seats under the . IAS column as you did for AIIMS, AIPMT, IIT and IIMs )

    P.S. This is one of the best Newsletters , I have ever seen. Please keep posting such newsletters for indian students 🙂

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    • Hi Suman,

      The infographic has a typo. We have considered 21 IITs, including the 4 coming up this year. Please refer to this link for our info on IIT seats info.

      Regarding only considering AIIMS Delhi and not the newer AIIMS, we had read somewhere that they were being referred to by the government as AIIMS Like institution and not AIIMS. Because of this, we have only considered AIIMS Delhi

      We will try to make our assumptions more clear in future editions.

      Thanks for your support! Means a lot to us. 🙂

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  4. why haven’t you mentioned CDS exam?
    Its SSB interview is one of the most toughest selection procedures.

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    • Hi Abhi,

      While compiling this list, we have listed only a few competitive exams in India. In our next edition, we will try to include the CDS as well.

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