7 Amazing IITJEE Facts

Cracking, one of the difficult entrance exams, IIT-JEE is no easy task. Every year several aspirants come with stars in their eyes but only a few of them twinkle. Every exam leaves some marks which get written in history and become a pathfinder to others. Here, we bring you a list of some facts which you must have never heard about before:

7 Wacky IITJEE Facts

Doctors’ Children have the Best Success Rate in IITJEE

Data released to the Union HRD ministry by the organising committee of IITJEE 2008 suggested that among the 6,123 children of medical professionals who appeared for the IIT entrance exam in 2008, 421 succeeded in securing a seat in the top engineering institutes. The data says that children of doctors possess a success rate of 6.9%, whereas the kids of engineers enjoy only 4.3%. That’s an amazing rate of 1 in 14 doctors’ children who cleared the IIT JEE.


Only 5 Girls in Top 100 in 2014

Only five girls could make it to the top 100 of the IITJEE Advanced 2014 results. Girls formed a paltry 11% of the total qualifying students.

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Youngest IIT Qualifier was Barely a Teenager

Born on July 20, 1999, Satyam Kumar, a resident of Bhojpur district of Bihar and the son of a poor farmer Sidhnath Singh, has cleared IITJEE exam in 2013 for which 150,000 candidates had appeared in year 2013. The boy secured an impressive all-India rank of 679. Most of us at his age only dream of getting high scores in videogames.


IIT Bombay – The Toppers’ Choice

IIT-B, in 2012, was the first choice of 86 of the top 100 candidates. In 2014, a relatively lesser 77 people opted for IITB. In 2010, 67 of the first 100 had opted for IIT-Bombay. IITB has also consistently been the top choice for the AIR 1 position holders.

All roads lead to IITB

12 Cities Ahead of Mumbai

12 cities were ahead of Mumbai in terms of the number of students who qualified in 2013. Kota, Delhi and 10 other cities were producing more IIT JEE toppers than Mumbai.

7 IIT Facts

First Girls Ever to Secure a Position in Top 10


Two young girls Aditi Ladha and Sibala Madhuri are the first girls ever to have secured a position in the top 10 ranks of the IIT-JEE (Advanced). That’s something we can all celebrate.

Highest Number of First Time Qualifiers in 2014

In 2014, 88% candidates in the first shot cracked the grueling exam of IIT-JEE, recording the highest number of first attempt qualifiers. Woohoo to you guys!

7 IIT Facts

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